Monday, September 17, 2012

Week in Review: 9-15 September 2012

At the risk of boring everybody:

9 September: 17 miles (per previous blog post) (120 minutes)

10 September: 12 miles at lunch, fast-ish (felt that way, anyway); 11 more miles in the evening, partly with the Fed Hill group. (total 160 minutes)

11 September: 8 miles at lunch (60 minutes)

12 September: off

13 September: 5 miles at lunch (35 minutes) - felt bad

14 September: 9 miles at lunch (65 minutes) - felt worse

15 September: off

Total Time: 440 minutes
Total Distance: 62 miles

If you're keeping score, this is a pretty mediocre weekly mileage total in the grand scheme of things, but, in the narrower picture of the last three months or so, a pretty big mileage total for a week without any significantly long races - probably my longest such week since sometime in May.  So it's probably not a surprise that it started hurting towards the end.  But after a weekend off, I'm feeling ready to get after it again, so we'll see how this week goes - 10 miles so far, and far from dead yet . . .

In other news, this little guy is still free to a good home:

blackandwhite sports cat, still hangin' out . . .
And as of last Thursday, he is up to date on all of his shots, and vet-certified healthy.  And he's fixed, so you'll only be adopting ONE cat.  And of course, he's still just as cute as he was a week ago.  (The other cat, Ash, is already spoken for, so don't delay!)

That's about all of the wisdom I have for this week.  Stay tuned for next week, when maybe there will be more miles and fewer cats!*

*not a guarantee by any means

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