Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Catching Up - Badwater Preview

Yes, it's been pretty quiet in my little corner of the blogosphere this past month, ostensibly as I prepare for Badwater.  So what's been up?  (A question more for myself than for you, although if you have something to share, feel free to comment . . .)

In spite of a "weak" June (316 miles, 100 of which were accumulated during the Old Dominion 100), I reached the more-or-less-halfway point of 2012 (30 June) with 2,269 miles logged, averaging 84.04 miles per week, or just slightly over 12 miles per day.  Which is sort of neat-o, considering that in 2011, for the entire year, I averaged a little over 11 miles per day.  So if that were a goal of mine, I'm more or less on track, despite the recent decline.

That said, if you trace back 33 weeks (more or less the beginning of November 2011), the average actually goes up, to around 89 miles per week (after which it declines a bit).  Perhaps it's fair to say that after an extended period of pretty high volume, my body has been looking for an extended taper, which is essentially what the month of June was.

But that's all training numbers, for whatever they're worth (which is sometimes not much).  Both MMT and Old Dominion went far better for me this year than they did last year (9 hours better, and an hour and a half better, respectively), probably in part due to increased fitness, but also in part due to better race strategy.  And since race strategy has been my weakness in my previous two runs at Badwater, if lessons learned from previous years, and recent strategic success in 100-mile races this year, mean anything at all, I'm in far better shape this year than I have been previously.

But all of the above is talk - come race day, anything can (and very well may) happen.  The bottom line, then, is that, all of the above aside, I'm excited to take another shot at this monster, and hopefully continue with the momentum that I had at the end of last year's race.

With that, you can follow me on the Badwater website (http://www.badwater.com/) - they'll be tracking everybody on race day.  And there's still time to donate to CAF in support of my run at Badwater, in recognition of which I will write your name, or whatever you want, in the Sharpie color of your choice, on the shirt that I'll wear during the race.  Donate here:


. . . and stay tuned for the more-exciting-than-it-probably-should-be conclusion!

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