Thursday, December 29, 2011

Running Recap: December 2011 (and the rest of 2011)

As the month is almost over, time for one of those really boring "list all your miles" posts . . .

27 November: 1 mile (10 minutes)

28 November: 8 miles at lunch (56 minutes), 14 miles to the Fed Hill run and back (100 minutes)

29 November: 10 miles at lunch (70 minutes), including some faster stuff (5x1 minute at 5-ish-minute-mile pace), 8 miles in the evening (56 minutes)

30 November: 10 miles at lunch (70 minutes), 10 miles in the evening (70 minutes, Canton Square run)

1 December: 10 miles at lunch (70 minutes)

2 December: 1 mile (10 minutes)

3 December: 14 miles, hiking, prepping the Balled Eagle 100 course (315 minutes), then 6 miles easy back in Baltimore (45 surreal urban minutes)

Minutes: 772
Miles: 92

4 December: 13 miles in the morning (90 minutes), 15 miles in the evening (105 minutes), all around the city

5 December: 10 miles at lunch (70 minutes)

6 December: 2 miles easy (20 minutes)

7 December: 9 miles (60 minutes)

8 December: 9 miles (60 minutes)

9 December: 2 miles easy (20 minutes)

10 December: Hellgate "100K" - 66.6 miles, 790 minutes

Minutes: 1215
Miles: 126.6

11 December: 2 miles easy (20 minutes)

12 December: 1 mile easy (10 minutes)

13 December: 5 miles (35 minutes)

14 December: 9 miles, at APG (60 minutes)

15 December: 17 miles (120 minutes), at Susquehanna State Park (wish the intermittent rain hadn't prevented photography of this - it was beautiful)

16 December: 6 miles (40 minutes), around Baltimore - ouch, for some reason. Yoga after.

17 December: 52 miles (1000 minutes), Balled Eagle 100-Mile attempt

Minutes: 1285
Miles: 92

18 December: 14 miles (100 minutes), all over parts of the Balled Eagle course that I didn't get to run during the actual race.

19 December: 1 mile easy (10 minutes)

20 December: 10 miles at APG (65 minutes), yoga later

21 December: 10 miles at APG (70 minutes), 12 miles with the Wednesday Night Run crew (85 minutes)

22 December: 10 miles at APG (70 minutes), 11 miles in Baltimore (80 minutes)

23 December: 10 miles at APG (70 minutes), yoga later

24 December: 15 miles in Baltimore (105 minutes), partially around Ravens Stadium during marching band practice

Minutes: 655
Miles: 93

And, finally, this week:

25 December: 13 miles (90 minutes) around Baltimore

26 December: 15 miles (105 minutes) around the old haunts in Churchville (Campus Hills Shopping Center to the house in 4:25 . . .)

27 December: A rainy 15 miles (105 minutes) at APG; hot yoga later

28 December: A windy 10 miles (70 minutes) at APG; a cold 5 miles (35 minutes) around Baltimore

29 December: A relatively pleasant 14 miles at APG (100 minutes)

30 December: 15 miles around Baltimore (105 minutes), then another 4 miles (30 minutes) to yoga and back

31 December: 15 miles around Baltimore, in the morning, with a sunrise so beautiful over the Hopkins Bayview campus that I almost turned around to get the camera (almost - 105 minutes)

Minutes: 745
Miles: 106

So, if you've been keeping track (and I hadn't, so I had to go back through my blog and count), that makes, by my count, 4,045 miles that I ran this past year, a figure which may be a little low, since, as I went back, I found some weeks that I hadn't recorded, so I put in a "low" mileage estimate for those weeks. (Yes, I really can remember what I probably ran during certain weeks, given enough prompting about the dates and races that happened during those weeks.) That's an average of a little over 11 miles per day, which is kind of a neat (and totally an unintentional) number, since this was 2011 - maybe I can bump the average up to 12 this year, in honor of 2012 (if the world doesn't end on December 21st and screw that up . . .)

Since this blog is pretty thorough about every race I ran this year (other than the Kentucky Derby Marathon post that I still need to put up here at some point - maybe before the 2012 edition of the race), I won't belabor the recap. The short summary is that I started 2011 with a stress fracture, but still running at least 1 mile a day and keeping the faith that things would improve, and, lo and behold, after an awful 50K Holiday Lake return-from-injury race, I went on to set PRs in the marathon, the 50K (twice), 50 miles, 100K, 6-hour, and Badwater, not to mention getting a few giant, nasty monkeys off my back (namely, Grindstone and Hellgate). I ran a lot, met a lot of cool people, climbed some trash piles, had some bad days, had some worse days, and had some absolutely spectacular days.

But I think what I'll remember the most about this "year of the rabbit" is that in spite of some rough patches, both in individual races and in life in general, on every day, in every race, I pushed through, got it done, and left very little (but not nothing) to regret. And I think that's ideal - enough success to feel as though the effort was worth it, but not so successful that I'm tempted to rest on any laurels in 2012.

So, in that spirit, I'll be taking on the Bandera 100K this coming Saturday. I feel fit, strong, and excited about this opportunity. But, more importantly, I feel excited about another year of running . . . which is a good thing, because I have many miles to run, and promises to keep . . .


  1. David, I don't think I've ever met you at a race, but hope to at Bandera! Recognized your name when I saw it on the entrants list, and I think you're the only other person from MD in the 100k! I'm from Bel Air and Annapolis. Best of luck, hope to meet you there!

    Mike McMonagle

  2. David

    I've just come across your blog from a link from the Badwater facebook page. I loved reading your Badwater write up.

    Your mileage and pace week in, week out is amazing, especially given that you started out the year injured. I'm currently trying to build to 100 miles per week (as a peak not a regular average like yourself!) and finding it a bit overwhelming, but inspirational reports and blogs like yours, help to maintain the belief that it can be done.

    All the best to you and your running in 2012. I look forward to reading about your future successes.


  3. Mike,

    When/where are your flights? I fly out of Philadelphia at 6 a.m. on Friday, and return to Philadelphia at 6 p.m. on Sunday (leave San Antonio around noon on Sunday). If there's an opportunity to save gas and car-pool, I'm all for it . . . Otherwise, good luck, and I'll see you out there!


    Glad to hear that you enjoyed my Badwater report. And as far as building mileage, it probably sounds too obvious to be worth much, but the key really is consistency. Set a reasonable mileage goal for yourself every day, and meet that goal every day. The key is the "every day" part. That's tougher than it sounds. But if you can stick with it, I think you'll be surprised by what you can achieve. Good luck!

  4. I land tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon in SAT and leave Monday morning (this is vacation!) I'll try to catch you at packet pick-up or before the race. Safe travels!