Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Loose End

I was going to make this post a dumping ground for a (six-foot) bunch of random running-related thoughts that I've been kicking around recently, none of which I thought I felt sufficiently passionate enough about to create an entire post around. Then, when I started writing about each of them, it turned out that I had a lot to say about each of them, so now I have a (seven-foot) bunch of material that I'll spread out over a(n) (eight-foot) bunch of updates. (Yes, the bass from a Lil Wayne song might be bumping somewhere deep in my brain . . .)

For now, though, in response to a previous comment, the picture above shows what I did to my MT100s so they would stop making the skin on the back of my foot bleed when I wear them sockless. Essentially, I took scissors to them and cut a softer silhouette, in keeping with the original shape of the shoe, thus eliminating the offending sharp edge, while maintaining the (minimally) supportive property of the heel. (Also, I took out the insole, as it was inhibiting forefoot flexibility while providing marginal additional cushion.) The end result is a shoe that doesn't make my feet terribly sad (although the fact that the heel is not zero-drop is starting to bother me, so the next time I have something sharp within a few feet of those shoes . . .). There is still, in my opinion, vast room for improvement in the world of running footwear, but that's a subject for another post.

In the meantime, I'll just carry on cutting up what I have (shoes and blog material alike).

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  1. thanks! I was the person who made the original comment. I've been thinking of doing this for a while now. I was just concerned if I cut straight across the back, the shoe would come off in deep mud. (I lost a shoe in a race I was leading. Totally sucked, as it was the first time I found myself leading a race since high school.)
    It seems that your mod may work for me. I'll try it on my old 100's first, before I risk messing up my 101's.
    See you soon at TNT, if you still do that.