Monday, January 31, 2011


In an effort to get both my running and my blog posting into a semblance of regularity, here's the training recap from January 20th (the last "un-blogged" day) onward:

20 January: 5 miles (40 minutes of "treadmill hill" - 10%, at 10:00/mile, 1 mile total warm-up/warm-down)
21 January: 8 miles (56 minutes)
22 January: 8 miles (56 minutes)
23 January: 4 miles in the morning (30 minutes), 6 miles in the evening (45 minutes)
24 January: 6 miles (40 minutes)
25 January: 8 miles (65 minutes, hill program on the treadmill)
26 January: 3 miles in the morning (20 minutes), 4 miles in the evening (30 minutes)

7-day total time: 389 minutes
7-day total distance: 52 miles

So far, over the past few days:

27 January: 5 miles (55 minutes, treadmill hill session at 10-15% grade)
28 January: 4 miles in the morning (30 minutes), 3 miles in the evening (23 minutes)
29 January: 9 miles (63 minutes)
30 January: 6 miles in the morning (40 minutes), 6 miles in the evening (40 minutes)

Unless otherwise specified, all of this was around Canton/Highlandtown, so it would probably be a good idea to mix up the routes now and then to keep things fresh. In general, that seems to be a good goal going forward, since "building up" in and of itself isn't terribly exciting.

Speaking of terribly exciting, this wasn't, so I'll end here, and maybe after I think about this some more, I'll have something more interesting to say about it.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Still Streaking

It's now a little past the middle of January, a.k.a., the time when most people's New Year's Resolutions fall flat on their figurative faces. I'm proud to report that my running streak is still intact (19 consecutive days as of yesterday), and also that in a "run as you feel like it" fashion, I've been gradually upping my mileage, with no adverse effects to my foot. It's not totally better yet, but it's gradually improving, and since I'm enjoying my running routine (or lack of a highly specific one thereof), I think I'll stick with this vague outline of a plan for a while.

In the interest of being similarly aimless with my reporting, here's a summary of my last 7 days of running, starting on lucky January 13th:

13 January - ~5 miles (33 minutes), Highlandtown/Canton area.
14 January - ~3 miles (25 minutes) at Rocks State Park, in the snow, climbing and descending and all that trail-related stuff. ~2 miles (16 minutes) on roads about an hour later, as a warmup for swimming.
15 January - ~6 miles (43 minutes), Highlandtown/Canton in the morning, ~3+ miles (25 minutes) in and around Patterson Park in the evening
16 January - ~3 miles (23 minutes) in and around Patterson Park
17 January - ~3 miles (23 minutes) in and around Patterson Park
18 January - ~6 miles (45 minutes) in morning the snow and ice at APG, including 10 steep hill repeats by the bay, ~5 miles (37 minutes) in the evening, Highlandtown/Canton
19 January - ~3 miles (20 minutes) around Patterson Park, including 2 miles "tempo" (~6:30 mile pace)

Total miles: ~39
Total minutes: ~290

All in all, not a bad amount of mileage/time, considering that not a single mile of that was a mile that I "forced" myself to run, or felt "bad" while running. Of course, once my foot becomes more solid, that will probably change, but for the time being, I'm enjoying enjoying running, and I'd like it to stay that way for a while.

Friday, January 7, 2011

The One-Week Streak

Since I suffered my stress fracture, life has been weird. A stress fracture is not an injury to mess around with, so I've been dutifully cutting back on time on my feet in the hopes of healing it quickly. Having lived a life so centered around motion for the past year (debatably longer), sitting still is unfamiliar and unsettling. I've been swimming, cycling, and walking as much as my foot will take, which, thankfully, is a little bit more each day.

In an effort to start adding some structure to this aimlessness, and in the spirit of New Year's resolutions, it was after a bike ride on New Year's Day that I decided that, after two weeks, my foot was feeling much better, and that perhaps it would be time to try to run a mile. I went out to the end of the block in front of my house, the beginning of a quarter-mile stretch along the side of Patterson Park, and ran back and forth, twice. One mile, a little over 8 minutes. A little bit of weakness in my foot, but no serious pain. This was encouraging. I could do at least this tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day. And the next day . . .

And so began my running streak for 2011. I'm now one week in, and my mile time has steadily dropped, to 6:16, as my foot has been feeling stronger every day. More importantly, I now have a daily devotion. Running at least 1 continuous mile each day of 2011 is, for me, easy. But committing to it is not trivial. While my dedication to running has always been there, my consistency, especially over the past few years, has not been up to that level. At least 1 mile per day for 2011 is a good start . . . and the success that I've seen through this method so far has me excited for big things to come.