Monday, February 1, 2010

January 2010 - A Month in Review

It's been a while since I posted here, and that's not for lack of running, but lack of time to write about running. Here are some reasons why I've lacked time to write:

1. I closed out 2009 with a 100-mile week, and started 2010 with 150 miles in 2 weeks. (Since then, I've backed off a little, hitting roughly 50 miles a week). These weeks were on the strength of at least one 25-mile run in each week.

2. I've been on the ultra-healthy "Ultra-Metabolism" diet of nuts, fruits, vegetables, and limited meat and fish. (That's the gist of it - to learn more, read the UltraMetabolism book.) Somehow, I've lost about 5 pounds, and I feel more energetic and healthy than I did before. As a side effect of the diet, I've also learned to be very efficient at cooking and cleaning dishes, all while going to school and holding down a full-time job. Life expert right here. :P

3. I was in a minor car accident that totaled my 2001 Honda Civic. (Incidentally, this didn't stop me from running 25 miles that same day, to make 100 miles for the week.) It's in the process of being resurrected as a "salvage" vehicle right now, because, with only 120,000 miles on it, it still has a lot of life left in it. In the meantime, I've been driving around a Jeep Liberty (fun) and a Hyundai Accent (not so fun).

4. I've been shuffled through three positions now at work in the last month, and I'm taking classes two nights a week (Tuesday and Thursday), until 10 p.m.

So yes, a lot going on. And running is definitely in the mix, and I'm looking forward to a number of races this spring, including (but not limited to): Club Challenge 10-mile, Seneca Greenway 50K, National Marathon (pacing 3:00), Boston Marathon (hoping to run 2:5x, faster than 2:57:13 that I ran last year), Frederick Marathon (pacing 3:10), Bull Run 50-mile (if I get in), Massanutten Mountain Trail 100 (if I get in), Old Dominion 100 (probably, for the heck of it - I loved that race), Western States (the real goal race in all of this), Badwater (if by some random stroke of luck I get in), and, well, who knows from there, but that's a pretty busy schedule already . . .

But whatever, bring it. I like a challenge.