Wednesday, November 4, 2009

back on the track

Yesterday, I ran my first track workout since last spring. Not that I haven't done some less formal speedwork since then, but this was the first time in approximately forever that I would square off against my watch on a cold, hard 400-meter oval.

The short version: it was good, then it was bad, then it was okay, then it was over.

The longer version:

The workout was 400-800-1200-1200-800-400, even pace, 90 seconds rest between intervals. After about a half-mile of warmup, I toed the line for the first 400, and went through in what was, quite possible, the most effortless 78 that I've ever run in my life. I've been experimenting with my running form lately, and it seemed as though, quite literally, I had "hit my stride."

It was so unnatural to come through at that pace feeling like I did (not even breathing heavily), that I was a bit nervous on the 800, and came through the first lap in 77. "Slow down," I thought, and I did, which I think was the mistake. I came through the 800 in 2:47, which is about the fastest 800 I've run in a year, and it didn't feel very difficult at all, but I slowed down by breaking form, which I think spelled my doom.

I started the 1200 with high hopes, but in the first lap, I could already feel things slipping away. My ragged form had now taken over, on top of which the cold air was giving me the distinct taste and feel of bloody mucous in my lungs. I staggered through the 1200 in 4:50-something. Bad.

Bad enough, that I exchanged the second 1200 for an 800. 3:13 - atrocious - my form was still completely sloppy, and I was still freaked out from my collapse in the 1200. Still, I was going to finish this workout.

I completed the next 800 in 3:03, significantly faster than before. I still tasted blood and my legs felt like rubber, but I was no longer afraid.

I ran the final 400 in 83 - I could feel a little bit of control coming back. Nevertheless, I was glad that this was over. A couple of cool-down miles later, it was time to leave (for a couple of days, anyway).

All in all, I had to get back out there, and it was good, bad, and ugly, but it was important that I did that. I'm thinking some quarters on low rest on Thursday.

Today, if all goes well, back to the comfort zone - 7 or more miles from O'Donnell Square.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

yesterday's run

On my run yesterday, I achieved many goals.

I ran about a mile in the dress clothes and dress shoes that I wore to work. I achieved the following goals:

1. Threw away some trash in a trash can in Patterson Park. (I don't care enough to find out when they actually pick up the trash in my neighborhood. Besides, I don't have a trash can with a lid, so I can't leave the trash out for pickup anyway.)

2. Got my Leatherman out of my car, which was parked across the park. (I had some shoe surgery to perform - the $78 Nike Run Avant+, due to its low price point, doesn't have a second, lower lace hole at the top, which is the one you need to put the laces through if you don't want the shoe to slip on your heel. As an aside, this is an amazing shoe at an unbeatable price, and you should buy it before Nike gets wise to the fact that it is lighter, more flexible, and more responsive than the $99 LunarGlide+.)

3. Dropped off my entry for the 2010 Boston Marathon in the nearest mailbox. (It's bad luck to mail in a race entry if you don't do it during the course of a run.)

I was sweaty and breathing heavily when I returned to my house. The good news is, I took my clothes off quickly, so I am wearing the same shirt and pants today, and they don't smell bad at all.

All in all, I believe that this was a very efficient run that adequately prepared me to make bread from scratch for today's potluck luncheon at work.

Also, I should point out that I now run between buildings at work. And, I make multiple flimsy excuses per day to go from building to building, spreading out my trips as much as possible. (I'm not going to keep posting that every day. Just accept that I'll keep doing it, unless I say otherwise.)

I think that this will prepare me to do some speedwork tonight. I'm really feeling the need to let loose in a track workout. More to follow on that, eventually.

Monday, November 2, 2009

a new running blog

I made this blog for the sole purpose of making a comment on another blog. Who knows if I will ever update this thing, but theoretically, it's a good idea.

Also, since this is about running, I'm going to run some miles at some pace later today. Due to running.

(the above signature sign-off is subject to change)

p.s. - I will probably wear shoes when I run today.